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The CMS e-guides offer an engaging way to view and manage the content of CMS publications online. Use it to navigate your content of interest, which can be read both online and offline (see the PDF download function).

The following basic features are available to all users:

  • Interface designed for reading: scalable text size
  • Fast, free download of the PDF version
  • Printer friendly output of the basic text version
  • Powerful mark-up features, highlight changes between different versions of each publication
  • Basic search function for keywords or full phrases
  • Advanced search including detailed view of search results:
    across multiple documents, across all different versions of the same document
  • Support for sharing:
    utilise the send-to function or recommend content via Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Get in contact with the authors

The following advanced features are available upon login:

  • Create, edit or remove personal notes that can be saved and are available each time you login
  • Generate a personalised PDF:
    include individually marked content only, integrate your notes
  • E-mail notification:
    get updated on changes in the content that interests you


  • Create your personal PDF with notes
  • Amend highlights and notes in sections of interest
  • Get notífied on updates in your highlighted sections
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